Variability management is a major challenge during the development, maintenance, and evolution of software-intensive systems. An important precondition for the effective and efficient management of variability is that it must be explicitly modelled. With variability modelling coming of age, it is important to consider also non-functional properties of variable software systems. VaMoS 2018 particularly welcomes approaches that deal with the measurement, prediction, and modelling of non-functional features and properties, as well as approaches that address the wider spectrum of variability management, like requirements, architecture, implementation, verification, evolution and refactoring.

The VaMoS workshop series aims to bring together researchers from different areas dedicated to mastering variability in order to discuss advantages, drawbacks, and complementarities of various approaches, and to present new results for mastering variability throughout the life cycle of systems, system families, and (software) product lines.

VaMoS 2018 will be held at the Rey Juan Carlos University (Building located at Quintana Street), in Madrid, Spain. Madrid is the headquarters of many IT companies and a dynamic region which hosts many cultural events and museums.

Best selected papers from VAMOS 2018 will be invited for an special issue in the Journal of Systems and Software. Selected papers must be extended in at least 30% of new material for the journal submission